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The 4 Building Blocks of an Effective Engineering Management Platform (EMP)

And the Value they bring to your Organization

Engineering has certainly come a long way.

From Fortran and floppy-disks to Full-Stack and Devops; engineering is fast becoming the largest and most integral component of the modern workplace. However, this hyper-growth has upped the complexity of the engineering process. Until recently, technical leaders haven’t had adequate support tools to cope with the rapid scaling of their organizations.

With the emergence of a new technology, the Engineering Management Platform or EMP, this paradigm has flipped.

But what actually is an EMP? In this eBook you’ll learn about the foundational components of an effective EMP. By understanding how EMPs support business alignment as well as process, deliverable and performance management, you’ll learn to recognize the platform functionalities that are best suited to optimize your engineering practice. In doing so, you’ll be enabled to both communicate and evaluate the benefits of an Engineering Management Platform.

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