Join us on Tuesday, September 28th at 1pm EST

Is it that time of year where you start to think about (or maybe avoid) annual budget planning? While maybe not the sexiest or most fun topic, you likely know its importance to organizational success. If you’re looking for best practices on how to approach budget planning, register for our upcoming webinar featuring special guests Patrick Nguyen, Senior Director of Engineering at Digital Ocean, and Phil Braden, Co-Founder of Jellyfish on September 28th, 2021 at 1:00pm EST. We’ll outline how to foster productive collaboration with your peers, the resourcing strategies you will want to consider, and how to ensure your teams will receive the headcount they need to achieve their goals.

Is your team not doing budget planning at this time? Register anyway and receive a free recording so you can access it when the time comes.


Patrick Nguyen
Senior Director of Engineering at Digital Ocean

Phil Braden
Co-Founder of Jellyfish