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In the Bloom

For Engineering Leaders, The Future Looks Bright

Kicking Off the Year With Exciting News

I’m super excited to share that Jellyfish has raised a $31.5 million round of funding led by Insight Partners and joined by our previous investors Accel, Wing Venture Capital, Pillar VC, and First Star Ventures. You can read the full details of the announcement here, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect.

Looking Back

It would be impossible not to look at this in the context of the health, humanitarian, economic, and social crises of the last year. We’ve all had to rapidly adapt to a new reality, which drastically changed the way we live and work. This environment has put enormous strains on our teams, families, and communities. 

Despite these challenges, our teams rose to the occasion. We learned that our teams are able to endure, be focused, productive, collaborative and even excel as we moved to this remote and hybrid world. We all still have a long way to go, but we’re seeing so many teams realize their goals. We only expect this to continue as we look ahead to 2021. The sky’s the limit as we turn this corner. 

To Our Customers  

I want to extend our most sincere thanks for your partnership. What you and your teams have been able to accomplish over these past twelve months has been nothing short of remarkable and inspiring. We are grateful and excited to partner and learn from you as you and your teams reach new heights in 2021.  

To Our Investors

From the beginning you have seen our vision and provided us with unwavering support to realize it. As we all know, every company needs to become a software company, which can be a drastic shift for many. We need to support these companies in this journey, and it’s through our effort together that this can come to fruition. 

To Our Team

I wake up every day inspired by the team that has come together at Jellyfish. I am grateful for all the hard work over the past twelve months and I cannot wait to see what further heights we can achieve together.    

What’s Next for Jellyfish

In short, we at Jellyfish are unwaveringly optimistic about what the future holds. As we now viscerally know every company is on its way to becoming a software company, and as the world continues this shift to remote and hybrid environments, this is the opportunity for all of us to step up and take our respective companies to new heights.