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Jellyfish DevFinOps

Develop Strategically with Financial Insights

Complete visibility into your organization’s software development efforts and costs, simplifying cross-functional operations between Development, Finance, and Operations teams. 

Simplify and Automate R&D Cost Capitalization

Easily report on the capital costs of product work and product development in a precise and auditable way, ultimately improving the bottom line.

Improve Bottom Line

Align development costs to revenue of specific products for better visibility into the real financial impact of the engineering team’s work.

Optimize Budget Planning and Strategy

Understand resource allocation and prioritize the capabilities, initiatives, and headcount needs of the engineering organization.

Benefit from Tax Credits

Take advantage of Tax Credits like the SR&ED Investment Tax Credit program in Canada by accurately reporting on R&D cost allocations.

“There’s a huge difference between the manual way of working and the outputs coming out of Jellyfish. Now, there is a much smaller chance for human error on multiple aspects; we have better accuracy with both the tasks and the effort attributed to each task."

Syed Iqbal, Group Accountant