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A holistic approach to understanding the developer experience

Make meaningful improvements in how teams develop and ship code. Establish a foundation of trust, mutual understanding, and empathy throughout your engineering organization.

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Match perception with reality

Uncover the most challenging aspects of your engineering teams’ work with survey sentiment analysis alongside metrics. Implement process, tool, and team improvements for more impactful teams. Jellyfish DevEx is currently in Alpha.

Accelerate innovation and unblock your teams

Identify and track trends on key areas of engineering engagement and performance evaluation of processes, tools, and teams across the organization.

Give your developers a voice

Garner sentiment in an unobtrusive manner to the developer’s workflow while democratizing feedback for every member of your engineering team.

Uncover hidden insights and inefficiencies

Leverage custom segments to identify blockers that are not identifiable through objective data analysis alone.

Complement quantitative insights from your EMP

Leverage analysis from the core Jellyfish quantitative data in addition to survey data to provide a comprehensive perspective of effort, blockers, and areas of opportunity for the team.