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Tour the Jellyfish platform

Tour the Jellyfish platform

See how Jellyfish helps data-driven engineering teams ship better software faster and focus on what matters most to the business. Do more with the team you have today.

“We’re finally able to use data to focus our engineering efforts on the highest priority initiatives so each engineer can prove their impact on the business.”

Jeff Broderick Senior Director of Product Operations

Invest engineering resources strategically

Understand where engineering effort is being spent and align your teams with the needs of the business.

Operate with efficiency

Eliminate bottlenecks and improve engineering operations and processes to accelerate your value delivery.

Manage your deliverable progress

Gain visibility into the progress of critical initiatives and potential roadblocks. Ensure that your teams can deliver on time.

Build healthier teams

Empower and manage engineering teams through enablement, support, coaching, and advocacy.

32 %
More focus on revenue-maximizing work
2.6 days
Reduction in cycle time
21 %
Faster time to market
25 %
More team collaboration


Jellyfish seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, giving you the visibility you need without disrupting your workflows, cleaning up your data, or using cumbersome BI tools.

Data-driven engineering teams love Jellyfish

4.6/5 based on 179 reviews on G2