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Align your engineering strategy to 
the needs of the business

Align your engineering strategy to the needs of the business

Lead your teams to focus on what matters, deliver consistent results, and build trust within your organization. Rewrite how your teams think about the impact they can have on the business.

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Elevate the way your teams deliver value with software engineering intelligence

Discover how Jellyfish helps engineering leaders drive key business initiatives with operational excellence.

“Jellyfish has dramatically improved our understanding of the reality of development across the business. We can easily show how resources are allocated and what trade-offs need to be made to deliver on long-term plans and strategies.”

Ron Teeter Chief Architect & VP of Engineering

Align engineering work with key business initiatives

Ensure your engineering organization is focused on tackling the problems that make an outsized impact on the business. Devote 32% more time to revenue-maximizing development work.

Easily report on engineering success

Make reporting to the board on priority initiatives, financial performance, and operational metrics a painless experience.

Create a culture of innovation and accountability

Build an engineering organization that is motivated, engaged, and prides itself on its outsized impact and the quality of its innovative outcomes.