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Engineering data to inform product strategy

Jellyfish for product leaders

Engineering visibility for more informed product decisions.

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Engineering data to inform product strategy

Modern product leaders need a data-driven approach to aligning product plans and strategies with engineering realities. Jellyfish measures where the engineering organization is focused and how it performs. So you can make more informed decisions to drive product strategy.

“Jellyfish helps our entire organization understand where our development teams are investing their time and energy holistically. Best of all, I can quickly and easily provide clarity to our executive team and our board of directors about where our bandwidth is being utilized. Simply put, Jellyfish allows me to focus on the strategy and the people rather than the administration.”

Alex Thompson CPO

Plan roadmaps with capacity in mind

Understand the engineering organization’s capacity for new roadmap work and specific product or feature development through a detailed breakdown of how engineering resources are being allocated.

Accurately forecast deliverable progress

Keep track of deliverable progress and more confidently project expected vs. planned delivery timelines to inform coordination with go-to-market teams and drive alignment with engineering.

Maximize roadmap & accelerate innovation

Understand where resources should be allocated and how to optimize team structures to improve the pace of roadmap execution. Realize how bug fixes and support issues may be impacting your roadmap and innovation speed.

Staff projects strategically

Ensure the right engineers are assigned to the projects that align best with their skill sets.