Enabling the business
of engineering
Does this sound familiar —
“How much of our engineering team is working on the product roadmap? How much are we spending on technical debt?”

Many organizations struggle with these questions. Sometimes they don’t believe the answers that come from counting story points, periodically surveying their scrum teams, or trying to make sense of inconsistent Jira data. Other times it’s so onerous to figure out the answers that they only review it once or twice a year.

Jellyfish answers this question and many more, based on how teams already write code and manage their work . Without requiring or relying on time tracking, story points, or other self-reported data that can be hard to collect and even harder to trust.

By making these answers easily available, always up-to-date, and enabling drill down to any level of detail, Jellyfish is changing the way software development organizations are managed. Executives can better align engineering work with business priorities, and leaders at every level can focus their teams on the work that matters most.