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Continuously improve engineering & product operations

Measure your team’s processes and make improvements to enable faster, more reliable, and more efficient software delivery.

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Do 30% more with the teams you have today

Gain insight into your SDLC and eliminate any bottlenecks to ensure successful delivery of value.

“We found that only Jellyfish provided the right balance of capabilities, connecting our day-to-day operations up to strategic level metrics with their allocation framework.”

Patrick Rubeski VP of Engineering

Optimize engineering & product operations

Deliver fast & effectively

Find the right balance between speed and output when delivering value to customers while ensuring the software remains high quality. Benchmark your performance to continuously improve the metrics that matter most to your organization.

Advance operational maturity

Develop team processes and increase transparency to improve hygiene, accountability, and workflow consistency.

Enhance planning & retrospectives

Strengthen your planning and retrospective ceremonies to increase delivery predictability and achieve your team’s goals.