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DevOps Metrics

Make DevOps

Measure and continuously improve your engineering operations. Deliver value faster and more reliably.


Jellyfish automatically ingests and analyzes signals from Continuous Integration, Incident Management, Issue Tracking, and other DevOps tools to track Lead Time to Production, Deployment Frequency, Mean Time to Resolution, and Incident Rate.

Change Lead Time

Understand the time for your full value delivery cycle, from as early as when a change is selected for development through when it is deployed.

Deployment Frequency

Track how often the team pushes deploys. See the impact of process and tooling changes to ensure continuous improvement.

Mean Time to Resolution

Measure the time from an incident having been triggered to when it has been resolved and minimize downtime.

Change Failure Rate

Monitor how often incidents or deployment failures occur to ensure consistent value delivery to your customers.

“Jellyfish DevOps Metrics gives us deeper visibility into our DevOps practices, allowing us to make more informed, strategic decisions. DevOps Metrics helps us improve delivery and better support the small businesses that rely on us.”

Ryan Jones, Vice President of Software Engineering