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Jellyfish ROI Calculator

Estimate the business value you could achieve by using the Jellyfish Engineering Management Platform.

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Cost savings due to re-allocating developer time to high priority initiatives. In many cases this also represents a decrease in future headcount needs.

Increased output from each developer, decreasing your need to hire additional headcount to achieve the same amount of work.

Building custom reporting is time-consuming and resource-intensive. The result is typically too granular to drive strategic decisions or impact delivery.


Jellyfish DevFinOps

Automated financial reporting and workflows to simplify your software development capitalization efforts

Toggle DevFinOps

Time spent by developers tracking what they've worked on. Most organizations require engineers and managers to manually report their time weekly. This often takes away from productive work time.

Time spent by managers confirming, collating, and reporting what their teams have worked on.

Calculating capitalizable costs and preparing for audits can be extremely time- and labor-intensive. For most organizations this will happen once per quarter or month.

{{C9}} week

Time spent by engineering leadership aggregating and reporting for Finance.

{{C10}} days

Total Estimated Annual Savings

{{ROIiCC.toFixed(1)}}x ROI
Savings from Investment Prioritization


Increased Throughput Savings


Reporting Overhead Savings


DevFinOps Savings


Total Estimated Annual Savings

{{C31.toFixed(1)}}x ROI
Manual Time Tracking Savings


Manager Time Tracking Savings


Finance Team Time Savings


Engineering Mgmt Time Savings


Additional Benefits

Improve Engineering Manager alignment & execution
Improved forecasting and communication with other orgs
Improved Engineer satisfaction and reduced attrition
Jira maturation and hygiene
Better executive & BoD level reporting
Improved accuracy and auditability of capitalization efforts
“There’s a huge difference between the manual way of working and the outputs coming out of Jellyfish. Now, there is a much smaller chance for human error on multiple aspects; we have better accuracy with both the tasks and the effort attributed to each task."
Syed Iqbal, Group Accountant