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Automate your software development cost reporting and DevFinOps workflows

Jellyfish DevFinOps aligns engineering and finance teams by automating the financial workflows of software development. By analyzing engineering signals and contextual business data, Jellyfish provides complete visibility into an organization’s software development efforts and costs, simplifying cross-functional operations between development, finance, and operations teams.

Learn how Jellyfish customers have optimized their R&D cost reporting practices by:

  • Eliminating manual time tracking
  • Reducing work from days down to hours of collating cost data
  • Easily generating audit-ready reports with precise, traceable costs.

“With Jellyfish, we’re reducing human error while sparing our engineers the headache of entering hours and our leaders the pain of collecting them. Jellyfish made an immediate impact on our team with precise and auditable cost capitalization.”

~ Optimizely

Data-driven Engineering leaders use Jellyfish to optimize their teams and drive strategy

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