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Stress less about board meetings

Preparing for and presenting to your board and exec team can be challenging and stressful. Here are some resources that can help you translate engineering’s impact on the business and drive better conversations and decisions.

Free Template

Five slides to show to your board

Download this template to build the five slides technical leaders should present during board meeting updates.

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Translating engineering into business terms

Whether you’re an aspiring, new, or experienced technical leader, check out this guide for an engineering- leader-turned-CEO’s perspective on how to answer the tough questions.

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10 KPI’s every engineering leader should track

If you can track all 10 of these top KPIs, you’ll be well on your way with the data you need to provide continuous value to your customers and your company.

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The topics to present to your board

This eBook will walk you through the topics that your board needs to know, like upcoming deliverables, product quality, how the team is investing its time, and the status of team health.

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