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Keep software delivery on track

Keep software delivery on track

Track the progress of your team’s software deliverables. Accurately communicate timelines, weigh project trade offs, diagnose roadblocks, and ensure your teams can deliver on time.

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Help your teams
deliver on time

Monitor and communicate software deliverable status, and be proactive to make sure teams have what they need to finish projects on schedule.

“Jellyfish allows us to track initiatives, notice trends, and shift accordingly. We can diagnose problems and spot them early on before they become emergencies.”

Devin Serink Director of Software Engineering

Upgrade how you manage software delivery

Make on-time delivery standard

Make project delivery more predictable by removing roadblocks, setting goals and alerts, and proactively managing progress.

Track and report on project status

Track the status and blockers of projects, goals, and deliverables in flight. Forecast delivery timelines accurately, and confidently communicate project status with stakeholders.

Mitigate delivery risks

Model delivery scenarios based on project resources, developer attention and delivery scope to ensure your initiatives meet delivery goals and deadlines.