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Build stronger teams

Build stronger teams

Ensure your teams are engaged and healthy, and their impact is celebrated. Give your teams the support and focus they need to perform their best.

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Healthy teams build better products

Bake trust, focus, and impact into the fabric of every team. Take a data-driven approach to optimize the management and health of engineering teams and improve software engineering satisfaction, achievement, and effectiveness.

“We love the team metrics within Jellyfish and we use those to celebrate our team members. Jellyfish data helps our managers guide 1:1’s and even advocate for promotions.”

Kristen Maguire Director of Program Management

Empower your teams. Strengthen your business.

Celebrate and support engineer impact

Help individuals contribute their best by highlighting the value of their work, increasing focus and flow time, improving coaching and skill development, and reducing thrash.

Ensure everyone has the tools to succeed

Use data and imperial proof to tie individual work to business impact, and give more useful, objective feedback, removing bias from the equation.

Give your teams a voice

Integrate qualitative feedback from your teams. Leverage deliverable comments and sentiment surveys into workflows for greater context into engineering workflows.