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Leading the EMP Movement

You’re leading the engineering management movement at your organization. We’re leading the Engineering Management Platform (EMP) movement in the market. See why customers believe we’re the only EMP for anticipating the future, building effectively, and delivering efficiently.

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Explore the EMP market

Which Engineering Management Platform can you trust to give you a holistic view of your engineering organization? Here are some resources to help you explore the EMP market.

The Buyer’s Guide

This guide ensures engineering leaders are rigorously evaluating Engineering Management Platforms and software development analytics tools in order to make the right investments for their team and business.

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Buyer’s Checklist

This checklist outlines which features of Engineering Management Platforms and software development analytics tools are must haves and should haves…and which are simply nice to have.

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See how Jellyfish compares

vs Code Climate

Code Climate focuses heavily on activity and productivity metrics, but very little on how engineering connects to the bigger picture.

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vs Pluralsight Flow

Pluralsight Flow focuses a lot on metrics around developer activity and collaboration, but leaves behind process, workflows, and delivery.

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vs LinearB

LinearB focuses on tactical aspects of team productivity, but Jellyfish takes it further by addressing challenges across the entire engineering organization.

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vs DX

Jellyfish and DX agree that developer experience is crucial to the organization, but Jellyfish doesn’t stop there.

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