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Jellyfish v Code Climate

Jellyfish v.
Code Climate

Code Climate was one of the initial solutions on the market to surface git metrics into slick dashboards to inform teams on engineering metrics. However as the needs and expectations of contemporary engineering organizations have evolved over the years, unfortunately Code Climate has not kept up.

4.6/5 based on 179 reviews on G2

Don’t solve just for Velocity

Code Climate focuses heavily on activity and productivity metrics, but very little on how engineering connects to the bigger picture. At Jellyfish, we believe that it’s most important to make sure everyone is working on the right thing, and then move to enabling them to do that work more effectively.

Real data science

Our patented work model boasts analysis that factors in data from sources across engineering touchpoints; not relying solely on issue counts or story points to infer work events.

Tailored insights

Jellyfish adapts to your team’s work; accounts imperfect processes, immature hygiene, issues at scale. We bring our platform to your engineering practices, not the other way around.

Predictive analytics

Enable proactive planning and decision making for the future; not only a retrospective look at what’s happened. Leverage your data to intelligently infer future work momentum and completion.

The Breakdown

Need more convincing?

Code Climate’s origional product called Quality analyzed code itself, and that thinking bled into their Velocity product, which gives detailed code-level and productivity metrics rather than giving deep insights into workflows, process, delivery, and resource investment. See the breakdown below for a side by side comparison.

Code Climate
Continuous improvement and momentum
Jellyfish’s boasts a torrent of updates and improvements that address our customers’ experience as well as introducing novel solutions for the ever evolving pain points of engineering organizations. Jellyfish will be a partner in helping solve engineering issues now and well into the future.
Code Climate
Current customers report Code Climate feeling like “an abandoned platform.” With no major (or minor) announcements made in recent years it seems. A lack of investment in improving the offering will always keep Code Climate at least one step behind what users need.
End to end customer support
Jellyfish is there for our customers every step of the way. Dedicated customer success, implementation, and support teams in addition to a vibrant community and continuous feedback loops means that customers and their teams have overwhelming resources to ensure a rewarding partnership with Jellyfish as both organizations evolve.
Code Climate
Code Climate hosts a number of customers who are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right people to answer questions and get help to be successful. Significant turnover in roles vital to the customer experience indicates that Velocity customers can’t get onboarded properly, issues resolved, or feedback delivered.
Align the entire organization
Jellyfish strongly asserts that in order to expect great things from your engineering organization, engineering teams need to establish a holistic and fundamental understanding of what work is being done in order to determine the strategy of where you need to go. Metrics alone don’t cut it; Jellyfish’s patented Work Allocations Model ensures data fidelity, consistency, and accuracy of evaluating where effort is being directed; comparable across teams and organizations.
Code Climate
Code Climate Velocity offers little in the way of strategic alignment insight. Counting initiative types is barely more useful than just looking in Jira to understand where work is being performed. Without strategic alignment, it doesn’t matter how fast you’re going if the work is not the right stuff. If you were to jump in a car and drive 100 miles an hour but with no idea where you were going; that wouldn’t be progressive or efficient, it would be reckless.
Tailored to your needs to take action
Jellyfish offers an extensive array of customization and flexibility with your deployments plus guides on how all users from developers up to executives, can get the most out of Jellyfish. Self-service from onboarding to maintenance and roster updates, as well as the ability to surface both quantitative and qualitative insights about your engineering teams. Jellyfish promises to be the only comprehensive option for contemporary engineering organizations now and into the future.
Code Climate
Code Climate Velocity, while adept at giving insight into code and individual productivity metrics based off of git data, misses the mark on the ability to truly tailor the experience to different users. Lacking qualitative insight into deliverables, or even the ability to understand what actions to take based off of the data, Code Climate is just another static dashboard that is useful to a very narrow range of people within an engineering team.

Data-driven engineering teams love Jellyfish

4.6/5 based on 179 reviews on G2