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Jellyfish takes engineering data

and puts it into business context.

Data-driven insights show how your engineering efforts align
with strategic goals.

signal analysis.

Effortlessly ingests engineering
signals from tools you already use.

Proprietary algorithms create a comprehensive view of your
team’s work.

Doesn’t require self-reported or
“clean” data to get started.

with business data.

Show how your full team’s efforts
impact bottom line growth.

Pulls in data from roadmap tools,
calendars, HR systems, and more.

Simplifies cost reporting with
auditable reports.

Customized for
your unique needs.

Configure reporting based on your
business objectives.

Visualize your investment by
product release, theme, and more.

Slice the data and view metrics by
team, location, group, and role.

Jellyfish integrates with the tools you already use.

Works seamlessly with existing tools - no changes to workflows.

Doesn’t require any self-reported data - no timesheets needed.

Doesn’t need clean data - no time wasted reorganizing information.

Jellyfish helps you
translate and maximize
engineering impact.

Ready to get started?

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