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Simplify software cost capitalization reporting

Simplify software cost capitalization reporting

Automatically document your team’s R&D costs for a quick and auditable software capitalization reporting

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Eliminate time consuming cost reporting processes

Discover how Jellyfish streamlines financial workflows and automates reporting of software development efforts for engineering teams

“We got value out of Jellyfish almost immediately with the cost capitalization features, and the data has been successfully audited twice by our accounting firm, so it is working very well.”

Adam Ferrari EVP of Engineering

Minimize friction to report, consume, and audit

Reduce the time and risk of calculating capitalizable costs by automatically tracking effort and simplifying reporting.

Expedite tedious categorization and calculation of work

Take advantage of automated effort calculation, data collection, and both automated or self-service categorization of capitalizable versus non-capitalizable R&D costs.

Generate reports automatically

Show the amount of money and FTEs utilized to complete each unit of work within a specific time frame with on-demand reports.