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Help your team perform at its best

Help your team perform at its best

Support your team confidently, remove blockers, and guide their success with data-driven insights.

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Drive great outcomes, not just outputs

Be a better coach, protect your team from burnout, and ensure that your team’s contributions to the business are acknowledged.

“Jellyfish has given our managers the ability to identify where engineers and teams are spread too thin across too many initiatives. Now we use that data to refine prioritization and make structural changes to ensure that teams can focus their efforts on the highest priority deliverables and allow each engineer to have more impact on the business.”

Jeff Broderick Senior Director of Product Operations

Empower your team to have an outsized impact

Be a data-driven coach

Support your teams and promote trust and transparency. Use data and tangible evidence to link individual work to business impact, identify areas for skill development, reduce thrash, and provide valuable, objective feedback.

Eliminate blockers and bottlenecks

Prevent delays and remove bottlenecks to ensure your team delivers on time. Prioritize and communicate how your team is delivering on commitments to key stakeholders.

Keep projects on track

Take a proactive approach to project delivery by forecasting timelines, identifying areas where delays may occur, and weighing tradeoffs to stay on track. Prioritize and communicate delivery progress to key stakeholders to keep everyone informed and aligned.

Improve processes & sprints

Review past operational and sprint performance to improve your team process, sprint planning, capacity, and workflows. Help your team deliver predictable results and achieve its goals.