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Understanding and Improving Developer Experience with Jellyfish DevEx for Compass

In today’s market, developer experience is critical to any company that builds software.

In the midst of our new remote work reality, increasing economic pressures to “do more with less,” and the continuing rise of burnout, we all know that understanding developers’ lived experience is more important than ever, and yet, companies struggle to do so. 

Today, most engineering teams try to tackle this themselves by asking their engineers for feedback in 1-1s, but it’s time-consuming and offers limited insight into what’s actually happening. And, when companies run employee surveys, many do so from a central HR function, which unfortunately does not address the specific needs of engineering teams. 

Research conducted by Google shows that organizations that invest in a healthy dev culture have a 30% higher organizational performance. While those who invest in their team’s experience are seeing higher engagement, retention, and productivity, it can be difficult to know exactly where to make those investments.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Jellyfish DevEx for Compass. With Compass’ ability to centralize all critical elements to the developer experience, and Jellyfish’s ability to source actionable feedback from engineers by combining qualitative and quantitative insights, you can finally understand how to materially improve your dev culture. 

Forrester Research indicates 87% of technology leaders are trying to increase developer productivity, and what’s a primary distraction to productivity? You’ve probably heard the answer countless times from your engineers – “it takes too long to find the information I need,” or “I’m in the flow of work, and breaking to track down information completely throws me off.” 

This context switching is not only frustrating, but costly. Stack Overflow research says 25% of developers spend more than an hour per day looking for information just to do their jobs. And that doesn’t even account for the lost time it takes to get back into the flow of things each time your team has to look something up.

That’s where Compass comes in. Compass is Atlassian’s new developer experience platform that empowers software teams by accelerating new developer onboarding and reducing context-switching so devs can stay in the flow. 

This allows teams to spend less time searching for information, and more time creating amazing software. Compass combines a service catalog, metrics, and scorecards that give teams actionable insights, software templates for golden path deployment, centralized information for faster incident response, and more.

As you improve your developer experience by centralizing the core elements of developer experience, how can you regularly gather input and feedback on these improvements? And, do so in the context of the actual performance of your organization so you can easily take action on this important feedback?

The answer: Jellyfish DevEx. Using Jellyfish DevEx, you can quickly set up and distribute surveys and questionnaires that elevate engineers’ perspectives. Jellyfish DexEx provides you with access to a library of survey templates powered by a robust question set, informed by developer experience experts, and co-created with Jellyfish customers.

Once a survey has been run, Jellyfish combines these qualitative insights with vast quantitative data available in Jellyfish’s Engineering Management Platform to get you the complete picture of the health of your engineering org and track your improvements.

The Jellyfish DevEx integration for Compass empowers engineering teams to:

  • Incorporate developer sentiment, by team, across dev topics into Compass 
  • Utilize a consistent team hierarchy across Compass, Jira, Jellyfish and DevEx
  • Incentivize participation into open studies by showing them within the Compass team page
  • Help teams start/run their own surveys to continuously improve

Josh Campbell, Compass product leader, says, “Atlassian is excited to have this integration into Compass. Now, Engineering directors, Team leads and managers can get a better sense for their team’s mood and gain insights on how to unleash the power of their team with Jellyfish DevEx for Compass.”

Krishna Kannan, Jellyfish’s Head of Product, shared, “When Jellyfish thought about building our first integration for DevEx, Compass was the natural home because we want to empower developer productivity and meet engineering teams where they work – in Jira and Compass.”

Starting today, current Jellyfish customers can install the integration from the Atlassian Marketplace. 

If you are not yet a Jellyfish customer, sign up now for the FREE DevEx waitlist.