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How Jellyfish Plans to Streamline Engineering Workflows and Maximize Productivity in 2024

Software engineering isn’t easy. Between Jira, communication platforms, observability solutions, an endless array of spreadsheets, and the emerging collection of GenAI tools, engineering teams are constantly navigating complicated environments and trying to stay productive while switching from one tool to another. These fragmented toolsets can result in blind spots and lack of visibility, making it harder for engineers to build and release new features.

At Jellyfish, our mission is to help engineering teams build great software, and in 2024, we’ll be introducing a suite of new products to simplify workflows and overcome complicated tech stacks. Jellyfish is more than just dashboards — it’s a complete engineering management platform (EMP) that helps teams streamline day-to-day operations, predict engineering outcomes, and communicate with other areas of the organization.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the new features users can expect from Jellyfish this year and how those will increase visibility and drive productivity.

Improving Developer Experience

Data-driven engineering isn’t just a matter of quantitative metrics — healthy engineering organizations also need to understand whether developers are satisfied and productive. Are developers happy with their work or do they feel like they’re stuck at a dead end? Do they have clear direction and effective tooling, or are they missing what they need to get the job done?

Jellyfish DevEx, which we launched last month with a beta waitlist, helps engineering managers uncover some of the challenging aspects of their teams’ workflows, allowing them to implement the tools and processes that will unlock productivity. When combined with Jellyfish’s core EMP, DevEx gives leaders a comprehensive picture of their organization and allows them to turn engineer feedback into tangible improvements.

Jellyfish DevEx surveys are repeatable, allowing organizations to monitor progress and improve overtime. DevEx surveys are about listening to engineer feedback, paying attention to challenges, making plans for improvement, and delivering on those plans. Most importantly, these surveys shouldn’t be expensive or difficult to implement, which is why we released our beta DevEx product free of charge.

Enabling Critical Workflows

In the second half of 2024, Jellyfish will deliver new solutions focused on individual performance and career management. Engineering managers are being asked to manage more and more people — they need the ability to make objective decisions and help team members realize their potential.

Jellyfish’s dedicated workflow for career management will help make one-on-one meetings more accurate and productive, resulting in satisfied employees and higher-achieving teams.

We’re also focusing on delivery management tools for high-frequency cases, simplifying the experience for delivery teams and making the platform more accessible to users. This focus on streamlined performance also extends to Jellyfish’s DevFinOps tools: self-serve report generation and proactive report review will make it even easier for users to deliver software capitalization data without having to manually fill out timesheets.

In response to customer feedback, Jellyfish users can now monitor whether a deliverable is on track, at risk, or off track — and communicate that status to leadership and other areas of the organization. This proactive approach mitigates risks before they grow into larger problems. 

Proactive, Predictive, Contextual

Users rely on Jellyfish to make informed decisions, stay ahead of risks, and understand the impact of changes. In 2024, Jellyfish will evolve to become more proactive and predictive, both in terms of delivery timelines and broader business initiatives.

Jellyfish’s new Capacity Planner will help teams plan work in advance across multiple deliverables for optimal resource allocation, effective risk management, and strategic decision-making. Jellyfish users can also create custom segments in their Operational Metrics, Allocations Explorer, and DevFinOps reports, making it easier to visualize engineering work in the context of the business.

Stay tuned for more news and insights on Jellyfish product updates. For more best practices from Jellyfish leaders,  visit the Jellyfish blog.