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How Derivative Path Uses Jellyfish Allocations To Drive Business Decision-Making

Allocations are instrumental in measuring the distribution of your engineering team’s work and they have become increasingly crucial for informed decision-making. Engineering leaders use allocations to make decisions related to investing in new products and capabilities, prioritization of designated responsibilities, and team infrastructure. Additionally, allocations allow engineering leaders to designate and measure specific constraints that relate to work that is being done across axes that matter to the business.

Learn about the importance of allocations within your engineering team, and hear from Jake Colman, Vice President Of Engineering, Derivative Path and Ryan Kuchova, Head of Customer Strategy, Jellyfish, on how Jellyfish allocations aid engineering leaders with informed decision making.

Watch now to learn:
  • The importance of measuring allocations as an engineering leader
  • How Derivative Path uses Jellyfish allocations to make deliberate and meaningful decisions
  • How allocations allow for transparency across business lines

Jake Colman , Vice President Of Engineering, Derivative Path
Ryan Kuchova, Head of Customer Strategy, Jellyfish