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How Engineering at nCino and Teachable Drive Alignment Across Their Business

December 13, 2023

60 Minutes


Ali Maquet

Director of Product Ops


Richard Hunt

VP of Engineering


Engineering leaders navigate through chaotic situations every day. You need to do more with less while understanding and incorporating new trends and technologies into your team’s workflows. This includes executive initiatives, leading the organization’s digital transformation, addressing the impact that GenAI has on engineering, and everything in between. All told, you’re still responsible for getting innovative products and features out the door to positively impact business results.

This is why having a holistic view of your engineering organization is key to managing teams that are not only efficient and effective, but also resilient to market disruptions. And simply being data-driven isn’t good enough anymore. You have to put that data to work.

What you will learn

How to take control of the ever changing technology landscape

Strategies to build stability for your team

Ways to proactively address executive pain points