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DevOps Dashboard

What is a DevOps Dashboard?

A DevOps dashboard is a visual monitoring and reporting tool that provides real-time insights into the various aspects of a DevOps pipeline, including DORA metrics, enabling teams to track and manage their software development and delivery processes more effectively.

According to research conducted by the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) group, software teams that achieve the highest levels of performance, delivering value quickly and consistently, prioritize four important metrics. By using a devops dashboard, teams can track these metrics or adjust DORA metrics to align with their objectives.

Below are examples of DORA metrics and how they can be used within a DevOps dashboard.

DevOps Dashboard Examples

Deployment frequency

Track how often the team pushes deployments. See the impact of process and tooling changes to ensure continuous improvement.

Lead time for changes

Understand the duration of your full value delivery cycle, from the moment a change is selected for development to its deployment.

Mean time to resolution

Measure the time from the start of an incident to its resolution, and minimize system downtime.

Change failure rate

Monitor the frequency of incidents or deployment failures to guarantee uninterrupted delivery of value to your customers.

Jellyfish Engineering Management Platform

DORA metrics help teams to gain a deeper understanding of their processes and systems, allowing them to deliver value more efficiently and with greater reliability. Jellyfish examines data from a variety of DevOps tools, including continuous integration, incident management, and issue tracking, to monitor key DORA metrics such as Lead Time, Deployment Frequency, Mean Time to Resolution, and Incident Rate.

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