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The Science of Scenario Planning

No one likes having to deliver the news that a project is slipping. But inevitably, software development priorities and requirements change, and unforeseen blockers pop up. Leaders and managers need to learn how to forecast and effectively communicate the trade-offs required.

Scenario planning is the way data-driven teams model various tradeoffs, communicate the team’s risks and resource requirements for delivery output, and make sound project decisions that align with the needs of the business. By modeling different scenarios, managers and team leads can more effectively weigh the tradeoffs and align on the best strategic direction for the project.

Read the new eBook to learn:

  • The 3 vectors of delivery speed
  • When to adjust delivery vectors during delivery timeline stages
  • And the application of software engineering intelligence platforms on scenario planning


Download The Science of Scenario Planning in Software Engineering eBook to learn how to effectively forecast and communicate software delivery trade-offs.