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In the Bloom

Celebrating the 2024 Illuminate Awards Winners

It brings us great excitement to share the winners of the 2024 Illuminate Awards, Jellyfish’s software engineering leadership awards program. 

Over the past few months, we’ve worked with teams across Jellyfish to learn about everything our customers have accomplished over the past year. 

Now it’s time to shine a spotlight on this year’s Illuminate Awards winners: FanDuel, Keller Williams, Genius Sports, nCino, and Five9. Congratulations to these outstanding partners who’ve embraced Jellyfish to drive innovation and excellence across their organizations!

FanDuel: Winner of The Best of the Bloom Award

This award celebrates extraordinary Jellyfish customers who defy categorization. FanDuel’s pioneering efforts have not only set new standards for innovation but have also streamlined operational processes. Through visionary leadership and strategic Jellyfish implementation, FanDuel has propelled itself to the forefront of the industry.  

FanDuel’s journey from siloed operations to standardized processes underscores their unwavering commitment to excellence. With Jellyfish, they’ve identified and rectified data hygiene gaps, solidifying their position as industry trailblazers.

Keller Williams: Winner of the Sea Star Award

The Sea Star Award acknowledges teams that have excelled in DevFinOps with Jellyfish, driving productivity and efficiency. Keller Williams‘ collaborative culture and personalized Jellyfish utilization foster transparency and efficiency across the organization. From optimizing resource deployment to data-informed financial decision-making, Jellyfish has become integral to their operational strategy. Chris Cox, CTO of Keller Williams, aptly positions Jellyfish as a crucial component of their R&D strategy, highlighting its instrumental role in enabling informed decision-making and fostering a culture of growth. 

Genius Sports: Winner of the Big Wave Award

This award recognizes teams achieving remarkable results through Jellyfish data integration. Genius Sports’ forward-thinking approach and strategic use of Jellyfish insights have propelled them to new heights. By leveraging data-driven decision-making and fostering a culture of transparency, Genius Sports has emerged as a leader in innovation. Andrew Gammon, Vice President of IT at Genius Sports, elaborated on their approach, stating, “every six weeks, [they] send out a delivery report to the board and then share that data down internally as well, just so everyone can see.” Their dedication to driving notable business impact through Jellyfish integration is evident in their regular delivery reports to the board and to their team, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to inclusive excellence.

nCino: Winner of the Blooming Award

The Blooming Award recognizes teams fostering business alignment and growth with Jellyfish. At nCino, each day presents new challenges and opportunities, reflecting the dynamic nature of any professional’s work life. Leveraging Jellyfish’s flexibility, the nCino team efficiently navigates diverse schedules and conversations. From optimizing product discussions to fostering engineer growth, Jellyfish consistently provides invaluable insights crucial for informed decision-making. This enables the team to align with nCino’s strategic goals, ensuring that every action contributes to driving the company forward. With Jellyfish, the team structures their days and drives conversations with data insights, ultimately propelling nCino’s success. 

Reflecting on their experience, Steve Gardanier, Vice President of Engineering at nCino, commented, “With Jellyfish, it felt less like an engineering-only tool. It was something product managers and executives could use as well. This tool brought not only the insights from Github and Jira, but also the ability for product managers to see their epic cycle times and the value and projected costs of what they’re building.”

Five9: Winner of the Surfer Award

This award honors a team driving product evolution through trend identification. Five9’s collaborative partnership with Jellyfish embodies the spirit of innovation and mentorship. By leveraging Jellyfish insights, they’ve empowered their team to navigate challenges with confidence, driving continuous learning and growth. The organization’s expanding Jellyfish deployment isn’t merely about increasing active users; individual employees are also discovering new ways to utilize the platform in their daily operations. 

“Teams are confident in navigating the platform themselves,” noted Alex Hadden-Boyd, Director of Engineering Operations at Five9. She believes this has cultivated greater appreciation across the organization for the role of Engineering Operations. “We’ve been able to teach Product and Engineering how to focus on their metrics. Using Jellyfish, we’ve been successfully able to teach people how to fish,” she concludes, emphasizing their commitment to fostering a data-driven culture.

Their commitment to standardization across their R&D organizations highlights their dedication to excellence and innovation.

Congratulations to all our Illuminate Awards recipients! Your unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation inspires us all.