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In the Bloom

Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Lopes

What initially attracted you to Jellyfish and motivated you to join the Finance Team? 

What initially attracted me to Jellyfish was that it was a start-up company doing great in just a short period. With start-ups, I knew I’d be able to not only have my hands in a little bit of everything in the finance world but also that I could grow with the team.

What motivated me to join the Finance team was the controllers’ pitch on why Jellyfish is so awesome! Jessica, the controller, spoke about how confident she was in Jellyfish’s growth and our building a team as the company grew. I also knew I would work closely with all the teams at Jellyfish, and it was important that I do that to understand the overall company rather than just what goes on in finance.  

Can you share a memorable experience/project highlighting why you enjoy working here? 

Aside from the Company kick-off, where we hear all the great things about how well the company is doing, and the “fireside” conversations with satisfied customers, a memorable experience I’ve had at Jellyfish was on a Panel to speak with high school students in the MITES program about Jellyfish. We spoke about our roles, backgrounds and what a day in the life at Jellyfish is for us. The fact that Jellyfish supports movements such as this and also allows students to experience a company that is willing to share life after school in the tech world is something that will forever sit with me. 

How does Jellyfish encourage innovation and creativity in your role, and how does that make your work more fun? 

In the Finance team, we can speak freely, voice our opinions, and do the work the best we see fit. There are also great role mottos and motivators. Jellyfish is inclusive, with meetings and learning opportunities. This is what makes it fun. I want to be able to do more, learn more, and have the support to do so within my team and in all departments. 

What do you think sets Jellyfish apart from others in the Tech industry? 

The first thing that sets Jellyfish apart from other tech companies is the product. We have the best of the best-creating software that keeps improving and shows results. The second thing that sets us apart from others in this industry is that Jellyfish cares about the customers and encourages feedback on how we can better serve them. Not only do we get feedback, but I also see us actively working on their specific needs. That is what sets us apart. 

What would it be if you had to sum up why you like working at Jellyfish in one sentence? 

I am constantly learning and growing here at Jellyfish, and that is the most rewarding part of working at any company.

If you’re interested in working with colleagues like Stephanie, check out our careers page! Jellyfish is growing rapidly across all functions, and we’re going to continue to need many great people to help realize our vision.