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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Campbell Brofft

What initially attracted you to Jellyfish and motivated you to join the Product Team?

Once I learned about the problems that Jellyfish is solving for software development teams, I became hooked on contributing to this mission. Jellyfish solves pain points that I’ve spent many cycles on throughout my product career: trying to understand and communicate how engineering effort is spent, aligning my teams’ efforts to what was most important to our business, and supporting delivery predictability so that we could do what we intended, to name a few. I remember thinking—if only I could have had this tool in past roles!

I also loved the fact that Jellyfish is a category maker. Engineering management platforms are a relatively new concept, and Jellyfish is leading the charge. This was a big positive regarding the type of product strategy happening and the size of the opportunity facing the company.

Lastly, the leadership team’s experience- many seasoned operators – appealed to me. I could tell from my initial conversations with our Head of Product Krishna (my now manager) that he was the type of person that I wanted to work for; he came off as both a strong strategic leader and an engaged manager, and I’m happy to say that my instincts were right!

Can you share a memorable experience/project highlighting why you enjoy working here? 

Participating in our user conference, GLOW was a highlight of my first year. Observing the general excitement about what we’re building was incredibly exciting. The company came together to throw a phenomenal event, and the office buzzed for weeks.

I had the opportunity to partner with our Head of Product on the product keynote, and it was a lot of fun to showcase some of the team’s big releases. I can’t help but mention that we had a few technical hiccups during the broadcast of our keynote, and instead of panicking, we just laughed and moved on because—what else can you do? That memory is a good example of what our Jellyfish culture is like. 

How does Jellyfish encourage innovation and creativity in your role, and how does that make your work more fun? 

We are a growth-stage company, so we’re still figuring things out. Every day! It’s hard, and it’s fun. And, because Jellyfish is a category maker, there isn’t a playbook to follow. We’re writing that playbook. Every function is constantly problem-solving, and innovation becomes necessary for any viable solution. I think this attracts a certain type of person – someone who enjoys operating in white space and who has the creative muscle to do so effectively – and that flavor of the team has, in turn, inspired me to think more creatively.

What do you think sets Jellyfish apart from others in the Tech industry? 

The culture of the organization. Jellyfish has built one of the most collaborative cultures I’ve ever witnessed while promoting a high bar for achievement. Employees act as owners, and good intent is assumed all around. We are a united team, creating a supportive and productive work environment. It’s not something I take for granted!

What would it be if you had to sum up why you like working at Jellyfish in one sentence? 

I feel fortunate to work on a product that unlocks huge “a-ha moments” for our users with a wonderful team I respect and learn from daily.

If you want to work with colleagues like Campbell, check out our careers page! Jellyfish is growing rapidly across all functions, and we’ll continue to need many great people to help realize our vision.