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How CallRail Uses Developer Data Points to Drive Key Business Outcomes

March 6, 2024

45 Minutes


Kristin Marsicano

VP of Engineering


Justin Kronz

Director of Engineering


More engineering leaders are learning how important developer experience is, and are trying to get that data, but they don’t know what to do once they have it. They’re given rich, subjective statements that can be difficult to sift through, hard to align to business outcomes or project organizational impact.

Just asking isn’t enough, qualitative data is directional but it can be difficult to decide what to invest in, and determine if those investments are making a difference.

Join CallRail’s Kristin Marsicano (VP of Engineering) and Justin Kronz (Director of Engineering) to learn how to elevate developer voices and make data driven decisions with human context.

What you will learn

How to drive improvements by making sense of qualitative signals from varying teams

Determine what issues to prioritize that will make the most impact

Determine if the actions they’re taking are actually making things better