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On-Demand Webinar

Evolve or Die with GenAI: Don’t Get Left Behind

The GenAI WAVE will dramatically alter organizational structures, your customers, the market, your team’s roles and needs, and yours. Waiting to “see how it plays out” is simply not an option for leaders and companies that want to survive it. Why not lead it? Join Andrew Lau (not ChatGPT) as he discusses:

  • The evolving roles of engineering as the toolsets change
  • The changing demands of the engineering function as the industry leverages GenAI
  • Case study on how CoPilot truly impacts an engineering team’s productivity
  • The shifts in leadership requirements and skill sets from hiring to the boardroom
  • How to use experimentation and empirical data to learn what works for your org and what doesn’t
  • Why it’s more important than ever to highlight and protect innovation

Transformative technology will continue to change the world, but supporting it with empirical data is essential. And even more importantly, this is all happening right now; if you aren’t paying attention, you must