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In the Bloom

Engineering Is the Strategy in the Age of Software

Today I’m excited to share that Jellyfish has raised $71 million in a Series C round of funding co-led by Accel, Insight Partners, and Tiger Global. We’re fortunate to have this huge influx of support from some of the biggest names in venture along with all of our previous investors, Wing Venture Capital, Pillar VC, and First Star Ventures. My enthusiasm stems not only from this support, but more importantly because it marks an inflection point in the way the world views the intrinsic link between software and business.

Our funding comes off the back of a pivotal year for Jellyfish, in which we more than tripled our business and team. That growth, and the investment we’re announcing today, demonstrates the magnitude and importance of what we’re doing here. In 2022, software clearly sits at the heart of modern business strategy for growth and innovation. That transformation happened fast, and now every business needs to treat software as an engine for growth; we need to be strategic about what software we build and how we build it. Today’s announcement shows that these challenges and opportunities affect every company in the world. And while this movement has grown faster than any of us could have foreseen, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg on how technical executives can lead their teams and their companies more effectively. 

To engineering leaders and businesses the world over

There’s no more hiding from the fact that software is eating the world. As your company, and every company becomes a software-centric company, the world will look to engineering leaders for product and business strategy. And just as sales, marketing, finance, HR, and other business stakeholders have done over the last 20 years, the most effective engineering and product leaders will use data-driven insights to make decisions for their organizations and for their businesses.

To our customers

Thank you for your support and we’re beyond excited to build on this important work. Let’s continue to tackle these tough challenges together. Your feedback, insights and creativity around the art of engineering leadership has made us what we are today. This funding will allow us to continue to take big bets, to further solve problems with you, and to prove to the world that data-driven engineering leadership is not just a passing trend – it’s a movement.

Our once small company is now poised for tremendous growth and great opportunity. With Jellyfish we see a chance to change the world, and we welcome all to seize that opportunity with us. Phil, Dave, and I once envisioned a world where technical executives could transform from tacticians into strategic leaders, replacing anecdotes and passing observations with data-driven insights and strategy. That world is now a reality.