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Engineering is the core of modern business. It's time we manage it that way.

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Jellyfish Founders
Our Story

Jellyfish was founded by former engineering and product leaders to help their fellow engineering executives make informed, strategic management decisions. Andrew, David, and Phil saw that too few business leaders recognize the nascent value of their engineering management teams. At Jellyfish we want to give those engineering executives the tools they need to be great leaders - to be part of the conversation, help drive the product strategy and company direction, and execute the operational components of that strategy.

Meet Our Team

Nicholas Arcolano Data Science
Glenn Barnett Product
Phil Braden Co-founder
Jeff Brainerd Engineering
Dan Brigham Sales
Mary Callaghan Business Development
Arlo Clarke Data Science
Sean Crater Engineering
Eli Daniel Engineering
David Gourley Co-founder
Pete Jadovich Sales
Davis Keene Engineering
Evan Klein Marketing
Matt Klein Engineering
Andrew Lau Co-founder
Anthony McIntyre Sales
Alex Metzger Engineering
Tina Noorani Engineering
Jasmine Oliveira Engineering
Raghu Rangan Product Success
Allison Regna Engineering
Mike Sansone Sales
Sydney Smith Business Development
Ben Solari Sales
Milan Thakker Product Success
Thomas Whitehead Design
Mobolaji Williams Data Science
Jellyfish is Elevating Engineering Management

We envision a world in which engineering management is informed by data, where engineering leaders have a strong voice in the strategic direction of the product and the company. Engineering is the core of modern business. Let's manage it that way.

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Boston, MA 02111
+1 (617) 545-4675

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