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On-Demand Webinar

How Leaders Are Adapting to The Current State of Engineering Management

2023 is the year of efficiency, and recent research from the 2023 State of Engineering Management Report demonstrates why. After several years of growth within the tech industry, 2022 was a year where teams trended down operationally, slowed hiring, and reprioritized work given limited resources. Leaders are now feeling the pressure to focus their teams, and double down on maximizing team impact through efficiency.
In this webinar, we discussed the most relevant findings from the 2023 State of Engineering Management Report, and highlight:

  • Why teams are taking longer to complete development work, with issue cycle time and PR cycle time increasing 6.4% YoY.
  • Why developers are working larger chunks of code at a time, with commits down 10.4% YoY and PR size on the rise.
  • How data-driven teams using EMPs devoted 47% of their efforts to growth and innovation work (31% more than their non-EMP counterparts)