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On-Demand Webinar

Securing Your Engineering Budget: Planning During Macroeconomic Change

Budget planning allows organizations to design and structure how they will align resources to achieve critical  business objectives, but how do you prioritize R&D spend in an uncertain economic environment? And how can your engineering team drive this decision?

Ensuring alignment between finance, engineering, and the CEO can be an arduous task, but is imperative to effectively forecast an organization’s overall budget. When planning annual budgets, engineering leaders consider numerous factors including business objectives, current and future product roadmaps, and future work allocation which are factors that contribute to R&D considerations and prioritization.

Hear from Ehsan Lavassani, Stealth Startup Co-Founder and CTO, Former Founding Engineer & VPE, Personal Capital, and Phil Braden, Co-Founder, Jellyfish, on why budget planning as an engineering leader is essential, and how Jellyfish can provide insight to aid in the planning process.

Watch now to learn:
  • Important and relevant indicators that engineering leaders consider when planning annual engineering budgets
  • Trends related to budget planning across R&D organizations
  • How Personal Capital utilizes Jellyfish to accurately plan their budget