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On-Demand Webinar

Tired of Software Delivery Bottlenecks? Deliver Faster with Life Cycle Explorer

Engineering teams need to efficiently deliver value to customers but when faced with slowdowns, bottlenecks, and process breakdowns, they seldom have context into why these issues occurred. How can engineering teams gain visibility into the root cause of these issues and how can they mitigate them?

Watch now as we discuss how engineering teams can identify the root cause of non-optimal outcomes with Jellyfish Life Cycle Explorer. We’ll review how you can identify trends early on at a granular level to adapt your workflow processes for ideal outcomes.

Other topics include:
  • How you can spot bottlenecks at a granular level across your Jira structure
  • How to adapt your team’s workflow for engineering efficiency
  • How Life Cycle Explorer provides an understanding of performance in context from issue creation to production deployment