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On-Demand Webinar

Too Many Meetings? How Engineering Teams Can Take Back Their Time With Jellyfish and Clockwise

Calculating your team’s meeting efforts relative to their coding work is crucial in optimizing your time and allocating it towards broader engineering goals. Having insight into this data has not always been readily available, but with Jellyfish Meeting Insights and Clockwise, you can visualize and contextualize your efforts.

Hear from Glenn Barnett, Head of Strategic Initiatives at Jellyfish and Matt Martin, CEO and Co-founder at Clockwise, as they discuss how engineers can take back their time by eliminating meetings and why this is relevant to engineering outcomes. During this webinar, they’ll discuss how Jellyfish Meeting Insights and Clockwise provide relevant, accurate, and actionable data that allow engineers to assess negligible efforts and improve their efforts downstream.

Other topics include:
  • Average time spent in meetings for engineering teams and how your team compares
  • How better managing meetings increases flow time
  • How to use the data from Jellyfish and Clockwise to release your team from non-essential meetings