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Spilling tech tea one episode at a time

Is bringing up your software engineering salary a dating red flag? How do you strike a balance between career ambition and burnout? Navigating a career in tech raises a lot of tricky questions that aren’t exactly appropriate for the daily stand-up. So let’s take this off the VPN.

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Sneak peek at the pilot season

Two work besties get real about working in tech

Jasmine and Allison scour the internet to find the real questions engineers and developers are whispering over drinks and posting about anonymously. Together, they tackle the most troubling of inquiries with authenticity, humor, and absolutely no holding back.

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E 01

Should my job keep me from my best friend’s wedding?

Should your tech job ever get in the way of your best friend’s wedding? When is it okay to refuse a job referral to a family member? How do you balance work, life, and the ever-present threat of burnout? In this inaugural episode of Off the VPN, hosts Allison and Jasmine answer your questions about those tricky situations where friends and family intersect with a tech career. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by work or struggled to keep it separate from your personal life, this episode offers a decent amount of catharsis and a heck of a lot of laughs.

E 02

Is it cool to blast your interviewer on LinkedIn?

Is it ever okay to put an interviewee on blast on social media? What’s the best way to deescalate a situation with an aggressive coworker? And when is the right time to speak up and have those tough work conversations even if you’re doing it solo? In this episode of Off the VPN, hosts Allison and Jasmine answer your questions about when to speak up for yourself in the office. Spoilers: We’re not doing it often enough. Lock in for a conversation about standing on business and saying the thing you’re struggling to say—for better and worse!

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