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R&D Cost Capitalization (NEW)

Simplify R&D
Cost Reporting

Automate the calculation of engineering effort to ensure consistent, predictable, and defensible R&D cost reporting practices, without the time tracking.

Automated Tracking

Aggregate and report on capitalizable efforts with automated categorization and tracking of capitalizable software development efforts.

Accurate Spend Calculation

Understand the spend on capitalizable efforts with Proportional Work Calculations to avoid manual time tracking or estimates.

Defensible Reporting

Provide evidence of costs for audits with comprehensive reporting at the person- and effort-level with direct access to supporting detail.

“Now, we’re reducing human error while sparing our engineers the headache of entering hours and our leaders the pain of collecting them. Jellyfish made an immediate impact on our team with precise and auditable cost capitalization."

Syed Iqbal, Group Accountant