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Debunking Myths Within Software Development eBook

The increasing importance of software engineering within today’s companies has brought more attention to the commonly accepted practices of our engineering operations. But how does one assess if those long-held notions are actually helping? The Jellyfish Research team brings a data-driven approach to analyze said notions and better inform the future state of engineering management.

Jellyfish Research is our own research, insights, and innovation team on a mission to leverage data to better understand the software development process. They hope to uncover new insights about how we can work more efficiently by analyzing hundreds of thousands of issues across hundreds of companies. Jellyfish Research has examined many common notions about software development, and debunks prevalent misbeliefs.

Check out this ebook debunking 4 myths in software development authored by Jellyfish Research and better understand what the data actually says about some commonly held notions.