Enabling the Business
of Engineering
Leverage insights from Jira and GitHub to maintain high performing engineering teams that are strategically aligned with the business.
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Align engineering work with business priorities
How much of the engineering team is working on new product innovation?
How much are we spending on technical debt?

Jellyfish answers these questions and many more, based on how your teams already write code and manage their work.

Without requiring or relying on time tracking, story points, or other self-reported data that can be hard to collect and even harder to trust.

Why Jellyfish?

Strategic Alignment

Gain full visibility into how engineering work aligns with key business objectives

Scale with confidence - invest in areas known to add significant value to the business

Achieve organizational alignment across all of engineering

Performance & Productivity

Increase team efficiency and keep the focus on key business objectives

Automatically see how bug fixes and support issues impact roadmap velocity and innovation

Improve communication and insight between managers and teams to drive alignment

Jellyfish works with your existing tools

Google Sheets

Jellyfish integrates with tools like Jira and GitHub to automatically surface insights designed to help engineering leaders understand what the team is working on, how they are invested against strategic goals, and how they are performing against day-to-day metrics.

See how Jellyfish enables engineering performance and strategic alignment

Align Engineering Work With Your Business Priorities