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Jellyfish on AWS

Show the business impact of Engineering with Jellyfish,
available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

Best-in-class development analytics deployed on Amazon’s industry-leading cloud technology.

Allocate AWS spend to buy Jellyfish
If your company participates in the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) or has a Preferred Pricing Agreement (PPA), you can retire your annual commitment by procuring Jellyfish through the Marketplace.
Unify billing for your infrastructure and software spend
Consolidated billing and increased visibility makes it easier to centrally manage costs.
Streamline the procurement process
Simplify and accelerate your software procurement so that you can innovate faster

Get the most out of
your AWS spend

Businesses that participate in enterprise discount initiatives such as AWS frequently fail to fully leverage the value of their committed spending. Acquiring Jellyfish via AWS simplifies the procurement process while optimizing the utilization of AWS commitments, all within a consolidated billing system that enhances your cost management processes.

Why choose Jellyfish?

Align Engineering Efforts

Understand where engineering effort is being spent to improve planning and forecasting. Use this understanding to make informed decisions that align your teams’ output with the needs of the business.

Engineering Operations

Remove bottlenecks, improve predictability, and deliver value faster. Measure and continuously improve operational and DevOps metrics to ensure your team has the right processes, practices, and tooling in place.


Gain visibility into the progress or roadblocks of key initiatives. See when things are off track, weigh project trade offs, and take action to make sure teams are able to ship on schedule.