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Announcing Free Developer Experience to Build Healthier Teams

We’ve all heard the hype around Developer Experience and how it drives team performance and unlocks potential. And while it’s not a silver bullet (spoiler!), here at Jellyfish we know it’s an important practice of the best-performing engineering organizations. So, after a successful alpha customer program, we are proud to launch our beta waitlist  for our free Developer Experience product, Jellyfish DevEx. 

DevEx will elevate engineers’ perspectives so leaders can effortlessly diagnose needs and drive impact more effectively than ever. It’s about ensuring investments truly improve developers’ experiences. Are developers content, or do they feel like they’re stuck at a dead end? Do they have a clear direction, effective tooling, and environments, and the support they need to get the job done?

Jellyfish DevEx helps engineering organizations uncover the most challenging aspects of their engineering teams’ workflows and work lives so they can implement processes, tools, and team improvements. Combined with Jellyfish’s core Engineering Management Platform, leaders can gain an even more comprehensive organizational perspective and turn feedback into improvement with tools that align, measure, budget, and deliver on DevEx initiatives.  

  • Get the answers leaders need: Choose from industry-leading questionnaires that get to the root of engineers’ take on satisfaction, processes, and tooling effectiveness.
  • Easily discover what’s impactful: Easily make sense of qualitative signals by segmenting results across teams, locations, focus, and tenure. 
  • Improve with actionable suggestions: In-app suggestions that explain the meaning behind scores and possible actions to improve perception and drive outcomes.

Jellyfish DevEx offers a full suite of Developer Experience capabilities for free. Improving the practice and process of engineering is core to everything we do at Jellyfish, and we’re proud to have this opportunity to help any organization improve the experience of its developers.

I can’t wait for you to experience Jellyfish DevEx firsthand, so please claim your spot on our waitlist today.

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