Making DevOps Measurable: Introducing Jellyfish Devops Metrics

DORA metrics are essential for organizations trying to track and improve their DevOps practices. But measuring DORA metrics is no easy feat. Have you tried or thought about measuring DORA metrics in your organization? Now you can with the Jellyfish Engineering Management Platform. We’re thrilled to announce a new feature that will allow your teams to measure and optimize the delivery and performance of your software — Jellyfish DevOps Metrics. 

In this Video, Nick Arcolano, Head of Data Science at Jellyfish will demo the new feature in action, and walk through how Jellyfish DevOps Metrics works, and how our customers use DevOps Metrics to improve their deployment frequency, change lead time, change failure rate, and time to restore. 

Whether you’re considering the benefits of DORA or are already down the path of trying to measure, watch this video to see how Jellyfish DevOps Metrics can help. 


Nicholas Arcolano

Nicholas Arcolano, Head of Data Science at Jellyfish