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Jellyfish for Finance Teams

Plan & Budget Effectively
with Engineering Data

Finance leaders need accurate data to inform resource and capacity planning, forecast growth, and build sound budgets. Jellyfish measures how engineering resources are allocated, and when revenue-generating projects will ship, so you can report and make the right decisions to help your company grow.

Optimize Engineering
Resource Planning

Understand the engineering organization’s current capacity for work and its resourcing needs in order to meet company goals. Use these inputs to optimize and streamline budget planning.

Forecast Accurately

Keep track of product deliverable timelines to inform sales projections, revenue forecasts, and updated business needs.

Report on Engineering
with Data & Analytics

Use data to report on Engineering efforts and progress to the executive team and board, and make more informed strategic business decisions.

Streamline R&D
Cost Capitalization

Enable your team to report on the capital costs of product work and product development in a way that is automated, accurate, and auditable.

"We got value out of Jellyfish almost immediately with the cost capitalization features, and the data has been successfully audited twice by our accounting firm, so it is working very well.”

Adam Ferrari, EVP of Engineering