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Who are you when the laptop closes?

By day, engineering leaders craft innovative solutions with elegant strings of code. But when the work day ends, who do these keyboard warriors and people managers become? Tune in to 5 to 9 to explore this question and others with Jellyfish CEO, Andrew Lau.

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Andrew Lau is test,
test, testing the mic

From vinyl DJs who keep it old school to virtuoso cellists, and from connoisseurs of meticulously brewed coffee to daring cultivators of forbidden tomatoes – each guest unveils a hidden facet of themselves. But what’s more intriguing is the connection between these avocations and their roles as product and engineering leaders.

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Upcoming Episodes

S1 : E 001

Making Beautiful Music

Colette Alexander | Director of Engineering at Hashicorp

Reoccurring dreams of Peter Gabriel urging her to pursue a career in music led Colette Alexander to play the cello at sold-out shows while touring with the likes of Josh Groban. But at a Madison Square Garden gig she had a solo epiphany: She wanted more. In this inaugural episode of 5 to 9, host and Jellyfish CEO Andrew Lau learns the finer points of touring with rock bands as a professional cellist direct from Colette Alexander. Colette shares how she stays in tune with music while making things work as a parent, a master’s student, and an engineering leader at Hashicorp.

S1 : E 002

Crafting the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Matt Brown | VP of Engineering at Bloomerang

Want to have perfect coffee all day long? Matt Brown recommends an insulated thermos and drinking from small cups. And that’s just one of the coffee connoisseur tips Matt’s got brewing. Get the unfiltered truth on what goes into roasting your own beans, launching your own small-batch brand, and keeping that buzz going during your nine-to-five and (more importantly) your 5 to 9.

S1 : E 003

Cultivating Forbidden Tomatoes

Gian Perrone | VP of Engineering at Nav

For Gian Perrone, VP of Engineering at Nav, tomato cultivation goes to his roots. Starting with some seeds obtained by his grandfather straight from Italy, his family has spent generations in search of the perfect tomato. This quest is about far more than vine-ripening and regular watering. Hear how Gian balances soil acidity levels and builds custom growing trellises to create a tomato worthy of the Caprese salad of your dreams.

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