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Improve the operations of your entire engineering organization.
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Optimize Engineering Operations

Measure and continuously improve the operations of the engineering organization, from structure and resource allocation to processes and tools, to ensure fast, efficient, and predictable delivery of quality software.

“Jellyfish not only quickly shows us what's working, but also gives us confidence to scale the new ideas that work.”

Dan Bachiochi, CTO

Execute with Jellyfish

Maximize Roadmap & Accelerate Innovation

Understand where resources should be allocated and how to optimize team structures to improve the pace of roadmap execution. Realize how bug fixes and support issues may be impacting your roadmap and innovation speed.

Track & Improve Deliverable Progress

Gain visibility into the progress or roadblocks of key initiatives and deliverables in order to make sure teams are able to ship on schedule.

Jellyfish works with your existing tools

Google Sheets

Jellyfish integrates with tools like Jira and GitHub to automatically surface insights designed to help engineering leaders understand what the team is working on, how they are invested against strategic goals, and how they are performing against day-to-day metrics.

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