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Why Jellyfish

Measure and align engineering
work to business objectives.
Guide your team’s work. Translate engineering impact. Make smarter business decisions.
development is the
core of modern

But few companies understand how to tie engineering efforts to business goals. Jellyfish solves that problem by:

Tracking and measuring engineering efforts.

Linking engineering work to business priorities.

Optimizing operations to deliver more quickly.

Work on what
matters most.

Identify high-value projects and
allocate the right people to them.

Use data to guide product strategy and
long-term business plans.


more focus on

Translate your
team’s business

Report on engineering efforts in
context with business data.

Share data on your team’s value
that non-engineers understand.

Answer commonly asked questions
with data-backed analysis.


less time on
customer support

Deliver quickly and reliably.

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cycle time

Track deliverables and fix bottlenecks to
deliver on time.

Standardize metrics across teams to
improve communication.

Scale and structure your teams with

Use data to celebrate talent and reward

Measure business impact,
not just productivity.

Without Jellyfish
With Jellyfish

No focus on identifying highest value work.


Aligns engineering to business goals and increases efficiency.

Reporting on data that’s
irrelevant to non-engineers.


Creates business insights
everyone can understand.

Manual reporting on how
engineers spend their time.


Automatically reports on
engineering efforts.

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