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In the Bloom

Jellyfish Co-founder Goes Deep on Journey, Enabling Engineering Leadership, & Entrepreneurial Advice

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Last week, Co-founder and CEO Andrew Lau joined The VentureFizz Podcast for a heart to heart about his path to starting Jellyfish. From his decision to study computer computer science at MIT to his early days with the Endeca mafia and beyond, Andrew’s experiences and storied career have all shaped him as the leader he is today.

Andrew teamed up with co-founders Phil Braden and Dave Gourley to solve a problem they’ve all felt as technical leaders and build the leading Engineering Management Platform (EMP), providing complete visibility into engineering organizations, the world they do, and how they operate. We’re proud to have Andrew at the helm of Jellyfish. Check out the Andrew’s conversation with VentureFizz to learn more about:

  • Andrew’s decision to study computer science at MIT and how working at a handful of internships helped shape his career.
  • A deep dive into his experience at Endeca, plus another startup he founded called LoopIt.
  • All the details on Jellyfish and how they are enabling the business of engineering.
  • Advice to entrepreneurs on idea creation and what is a viable product to build a business around.
  • And so much more.

The VentureFizz Podcast · Episode 180: Andrew Lau – Co-Founder & CEO, Jellyfish